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What does Candace Cameron Bure, Meghan Goode, Alice Cooper (yes, Alice Cooper), Leticia Wright, Joel Osteen, Kenneth Copeland, Mary Mary, Paula White, Norman Vincent Peale, Billy Graham, Andy Stanley, Katy Souza, Sylvester Stallone, Renee O’ Connor, Kevin Sorbo, Robert Henderson, Cindy Trimm, Joseph Prince, TD Jakes, John Maxwell, Cece Winans, You, Me all have in common (besides being awesome!)?

They are Believers! (Not Beliebers, Believers)

OK, so all of these people are so different from each other and perhaps some of these people are not on YOUR list as a Christian. Like how can I possible put so and so on the list as a Christian? They are obviously false prophets or what have you. Well, who knows? God.

There are two things I would like to submit to you and reason together on.

  1. I submit to you that the differences we see in messages and sects and faiths yet one belief in Christ is not contradictory at all. The differences are perhaps various functions of the body to bring each of us into Truth. We are the body of Christ and members in particular. Christ who is the Word (who according to Colossians 1: 1- and John 1:1 created everything)is the head. He is the vine and we are the branches. Each member or part of the body has a particular function, just like a human body. Some of us are toes, some of us are hands, or fingers. Some of us may even be what is considered unsavory parts like and armpit or an upper lip, lol. Yet in sincerity all of us have our part to play.
  2. I also submit that gathering Truth is typically found in the message that person tends to center their message. For example each of these people have their own uniqueness:

K Copeland, Fundamentals of Faith);

G Copeland, Healing;

George Pearson’s, Joy in Prosperity;

Bill Winston, Walking in Dominion;

Joel Osteen, Wide net of Hope, Love of God,

Joseph Prince, Grace;

Bill Johnson, Aspects of the Love Walk.

Kenneth Hagin, Father of Faith, The Believers Authority;

Charles Capps, the Power of your Confession;

Gary Keesee, Understanding the Kingdom;

Cindy Trimm, Your Identity and Prayer.

T.D Jakes, Eloquence, Empowerment and the Mountain of Mainstream Media

I can go on and on. It is okay if you disagree, as it is a conversation, a dialogue.

As we go through this season of separations, I want to bring back that we have more in common than different.