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“Rise, take up your bed, and walk,” Jesus said.

Immediately the man got well; he picked up his mat and started walking.

Wow. According to this story of liberty (John 5:1-18), a certain man had an infirmity for over 38 years. If you read this story in the Bible for yourself, it may bring many ideas to consider and ask for wisdom on as many themes are brought to the forefront in this unusual story. From the number 5 for the porches on the pool, meaning grace to people waiting at the sheep gate –Jesus being our door. Another aspect is this mention of an “angel” that stirred up the water so that one lucky person could be healed. Why could only one person be healed? Why not all? Interestingly, some bible translations do not include the verse 4 on this “angel” because it may not have been in the original translation. The idea that this man was lying and Jesus reached HIM and no one else at least no one else was mentioned is also interesting. Jesus must have crossed many to get to this man specifically. And when Jesus, knowing this certain man’s condition, saw him and asked one question: “Do you want to be well?” (NKJV) Why would Jesus ask this man that??

This man obviously did, right? He was lying there wasn’t he? Many of us, feel that or have been taught to “wait on the Lord” and to “Be still.” and the posture of lying down thinking someone else would help him apparently was not the waiting or rest that God took at creation.

When God talks about “rest”, our God was not talking about lying down or sleeping or being weary. It means His work is complete. Like a painter who creates a masterpiece. God did the original creation and then rested from His work. And it was good. This work continues being good. “Let the earth bring forth…”

We want to enter into that rest. So what this man was doing was not entering into God’s rest…

Notice again that the man was “lying.” To lie, according to the dictionary is to be, remain, or be kept in a specified state. The word “lie” in this particular scripture in the Greek, according the Biblehub concordance, gives the meaning to lie down, i.e. (by implication) be sick; specially, to recline at a meal — keep, lie, sit at meat (down).

On the other hand,

There is another way. Somewhere along the line we were taught that victory was somehow outside of us. That healing was somehow outside of us. But once we let go of our victim ideas and excuses–there is a second option instead of blame–Jesus. Grace. Jesus said: Rise, take up your mat, and walk.

And he did.

Did the man not consider it before? Why do you think Jesus asked him if he wanted to be well? Why not just heal him immediately?

Just questions to consider. As we think and ponder our God, I believe it opens the door to understanding.

That is it, and look for me soon as I am ready for Praising and Worshipping.

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