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Recently, I heard this wonderful phrase to remember that: “All of heaven is cheering you on!”. Since then I have adopted this confirmation over myself. (OK, so I now say confirmation because I swear affirmation just does not do it enough for me. Perhaps the connotation has been so overly used that it lost its meaning and sounds almost wishful.

In any case, this week there has been several interesting events. I just got my new keyboard!! Cannot wait to sing and praise God. Been writing some songs and am ready to start singing and playing again. This has been a time when I have needed to encourage myself and praise Him and have written a few songs already.

Ever need to encourage yourself? In order to encourage me, there has been the understanding that we have all done things in our past that we are not overly happy about, but now you and I are different. We are the redeemed of the Lord. Even if you are not at the place of feeling it, bare with yourself and continue to speak that over yourself.

For those of us who have had past programming that reinforced oppression, say aloud I am redeemed! For you who has been put in the loser box and are contending for victory, know that there is no box after all! You are LOVED.

If you are on this blog and are seeing this post, know that you have not done anything wrong! This is just the blip before your next Victory. Glory to God! As I was pondering this, I recalled days before when I had prayed and prayed for a situation and the moments before the prayers were answered seemed dark, but I remember those were some of my closest times with God. Then VICTORY.

During this season, here are some practical steps that may help (I am speaking to myself too):

1. Renew your mind–what does that look like? For some of us, we need to quiet the storm first. Listen to your favorite pastor that is a motivator that can feed you vs. fuss at you. Disciplinarian pastors have their place, but right now you need a pastor whose Calling is to uplift: from Joel Osteen to Bill Johnson, to Terri Savelle Foy to Jerri Savelle, from Kenneth and Gloria Copeland, to Joseph Prince to Bill Winston and Joyce Meyer get an encouraging Word–get some chicken soup-and sit with the Bible as scriptures are mentioned. As scriptures are discussed turn to the scripture, stop the audio or video, and feed yourself, taking the promise of encouragement. 
2. Meditate on His promises. Feeling rejected and/or isolated, read the promise scriptures you are standing on aloud. One of my favorite right now is Deut 8:18: But thou shalt remember the Lord thy God: for it is he that giveth thee power to get wealth, that he may establish his covenant which he sware unto thy fathers, as it is this day.
3. Start with thanksgiving and write down in your journal what you are thankful for! Carry this journal with you and weigh in with it two or three times a day. You may need to write gratitude entries all day. During this time you may not hear from the Lord as clearly, but not to worry, we quickly recalibrate. REMEMBER: All of heaven is cheering us on!
4. Write and re-write your vision goals and pray over them daily. Enough said!
5. Avoid “over” conversation as much as possible.
6. Avoid negative social media, instead get focused on self care and your atmosphere. Ask the Holy Spirit for insight (He WANTS to help!).
7. Read an uplifting book on a new or different topic of interest. Pray over the right books to read. It also may be helpful to do a 180 degree distraction for you fellow creative analyticals–read a nonfiction book that is a complete departure from anything you typically read. This opens new pathways and calms the mind.
8. Ensure you exercise. If you exercising at home get a really good mat.
9. Sing and Listen to Praise and Worship music.
10. Laugh 🙂 My favorite comedian right now is Jim Gaffighan!

Music that inspires: Can’t Stop the Feeling
Thought of the day: Praise and worship is one of the beautiful mysteries of life. It soothes and changes the atmosphere and our Father is able to show up on the scene and make the good happen.