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Ever hear someone say how you do something is how you do everything?

Well, just recently I was playing Toy Story 3 with my 4-year-old son and I was really excited about getting Woody to finish all the puzzle pieces to a floating dinosaur at the desert western area. (OK, if you have played the game it makes total sense.) So listen, I had almost all the puzzle pieces and I had just two more to go–I could feel all this satisfaction in achieving the mini-goal.

But then Woody. He missed the jump.

Or rather I missed the jump and he fell allll the way to the first level.

Good thing this wasn’t like Wyle E Coyote or it would have been a splat. In any case, I heard God speak to my heart: This is what we go through with you all the time!

What? What did that mean..? So as I was casually playing it Came to me further that I must be mindful of Him as I continue to win–meaning pray first over each successive step.

Why? Because I cannot see my 360.

Why again? Because our God wants us all to win.

Why? Because He is a Good and Loving God.

Not like the fake rote learning that we are required to say after someone parrots “God is Good” (“All the tiiiiime”) either.

I do not have much further to say on this topic, yet it had me and has me considering once again the Goodness of God and what that really entails. And more importantly how some of us really assume they understand it.

Music that inspires: Been So Good