It’s a New Day

How are you in dealing with the awkward conversations? The one where the other person said something or did something inappropriate and perhaps it needed to be discussed. How do you approach it? What if the person is an authority figure? In dealing with a spectrum of people–having been in the Army, working in different work environments, and performing with various musicians to large crowds–I have had a decent time of understanding people. Glory to God, I have learned to find out about a person and love on them. GOD IS SO GOOD and kind as in removing my own fears, I can see and support others.

The challenge at certain times has been responding to the far end of the spectrum — the brutish or the outright rude. This week I have had the opportunity, yet again, to respond to a perceived offense, lol.

I will start by saying this person is an expert in their field. And for the past 6 months following our initial greeting, I assumed I had said something wrong to offend. I would walk into the room and the person would not say anything. Mostly they would just leave the room. (They must think they are better than me. Was it something I said?)

The next unusual occurrence was they would look the other way as if to apparently not catch my eye. It all seemed so odd! This went on for a few months then there was the time while I was speaking to someone they seemed to ignore me as they spoke to others around me. The whole thing was almost comical if I was not surprised. Having someone that is in a leadership position seem to take offense by you–I had to pray and ask God for help in myself not being offended. Praise God He did help. Yet– it concerned me that they ‘seemed’ offended by me somehow.

Soooo… this when on for several weeks and it happened enough times where I decided to extend an olive branch– perhaps I said something wrong. Nope. Still oddly rude.

But then—what I didn’t know was that it was not something I said or did. Actually, it was not me at all. Or the person. According to family members, the person was JUST BEING THEM. The rudeness and strangeness and seemingly off-putting comments to things was just the way they were. IT WAS NOT ME. The person really was in their own world and did not have a clue they had been offensive!

This put a whole different spin on things. Perhaps other things I felt was a ‘me’ issue was not me either. Or them. Maybe there is a third answer, the Truth. Maybe it is the way they are, or personality type, or maybe they had a bad bowl of beans. Or SOMETHING.

The interesting thing is–is that I dug a little deeper. It is good to dig a little deeper. To find out what is really going on. Nooo, I am not being political or having some sort of stance on anything. Just an observation. 🙂

Music that has encouraged me this week: This is a New Day by Danny Grokey
Favorite uplifting person that inspired me this week: Terri Savelle Foy

Best advice this week: Have too many apples? Make an easy apple cake with a vanilla box cake and apples in the middle!

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