This is My Exodus

The Voices. The voices of social media. News. Family. Friends. Everyone it seems these days has a platform and voice that is vying for attention. And everyone from their own vantage point feels right, again at least from their vantage point. This month, in particular, with many transitions and as the world is again opening back to what is a great hope, the voices can sometimes be particularly buzzy. Can someone on the US east coast say “Cicadas 2021“?

To switch subjects, well sorta–I ‘wrote’ a song during my potty training time for my little one called, “Poop in the Potty”. I would sing that song to him during his training time and it really helped! We even/ well I even had a small dance to go with it. The true joys of being a Mom. Praise God. Now every so often my growing guy will sing the song before he has to go. It is so sweet and I thankful we moved through that season. And in the case of my son the “poop song” was for encouragement.

Yet what about those situations where we are hearing a “poop song” we don’t need to hear? (Bum, Bum Bum, Bummmmm!)

Back to the voices. These buzzing sounds of all the voices can be tuned out–well mostly except there is also water cooler talk and again everyone has an opinion. The question is what is our Father God saying to us?

Remembering to get quiet and really listen for His Voice has been important, as sometimes other voices can crowd. Well meaning voices. Authoritative voices. Expert voices. Yet voices nonetheless.

In this season of contending for victory, the most important voice is our Father’s. Our Source and Provider. Reminding myself that everyone’s story is indeed different and that as I lean into Him, He has given us a friend in the Holy Spirit who guides and leads us to all Truth. Interestingly, as I have been growing, praying in the Spirit, and meditating on His Word, I have been able to hear His voice more. I am not any more special than anyone else in that regard.

If you are going through like me and are hearing many voices, that are akin to cicadas perhaps it may be time to sit quietly– no noise, no nothing. Just the Good Book, a journal, and Good Scriptures to meditate on His Promises. We need quiet and to hear Him more than ever.

In Unity with You,


“Profound” thought: What if our Father is Speaking to You Just Like He Spoke to the Prophets and Disciples of old?

Music that has made me cry: Deliver Me (This is My Exodus)

Nope, no poop song, maybe later during my release concert next year.

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