7 Reasons to Let Love Rule

I Luh God. 

We want happiness and joy for our families—we want to do well. We have goals and dreams, and yet the most important thing is our family. God first, then family. 

The world can share varying messages about truth and how everything operates, who is right, and who are the bad guys. For February, it is an important reminder to let love rule and rule drastically. (Yes, this is a music reference, lol!) How does let love rule work and what does that look like?

The answer is simple–yet requires the work of the Holy Spirit for patience: Accept all peoples and consider your thoughts towards others. Be cognizant of when little digs or barriers try to filter there way into the situation. Then BUST OUT and cast it down, lol. The times when I failed or did not do so well is the times when I had bad PMA (Positive Mental Attitude)! Love never fails.

Dislike your rude childish boss, I suggest working on your own PMA.

Dealing with a Bossy, yet somehow passive aggressive coworker? Work on your own PMA.

Unruly kids? Work on your own PMA.

Pray for wisdom when ‘engaging’, lol. God wants us to win. Not get beat over the head and build a doctrine around dealing with people by being rude-is back. Our goal is to win people over. Yeah!

Slight change of subject: Last week for the first time, I tried my hand at sourdough bread. It came out sorta like semi-flat bread, yet I was so encouraged to have a working sourdough starter (after about 7 or 8 tries!) The fresh smell of warming dough wafted through the kitchen and yet I rushed the slow rise process in anticipation. Realizing now that slow rise is where it’s at, it will be exciting to see my next attempt at blessing my family with fresh yummy bread.

If someone told me that I would be making fresh bread, say 10 years ago, I would say why would I do that? There are perfectly good bakeries nearby or at my grocery store. So what is the point about the bread? Oh, mostly it is about Jesus being the Bread of life. Sometimes people need a slow rise instead of being rushed.

So back to getting more life:

  1. Run fast from any and all forms of strife. Right now I am studying on being prudent and here is one of my favorite scriptures: Proverbs 22:1

A good name is to be chosen rather than great riches, loving favor rather than silver and gold.

2. Recognize that love truly is the bottom line. You truly cannot succeed without living by the love of God in your life. We remember that “love never fails”.

3. Get busy with the plans He has for you. A person diligently going about his work has little time to consider others failing and their problems. We are too busy working!

4. Have a pleasing personality! In the Laws of Success, Napoleon Hill discusses having a pleasing personality. Yet what does that mean? Are you boorish or rude? Do you listen to others when they speak or do you interrupt? ( I am raising my hand on this one!) Do you have a flexible attitude or are you narrowminded? Do you have a positive demeanor and outlook or do you have a negative one? Is your outlook on your country and the world at large positive or is it a negative view? This area is one that I continue to work on and cultivate. Let’s have a pleasing personality together.

5. Give grace and acceptance. We are all different and are meant to be that way. Yet in those differences, there is truly a dynamic of harmony that I believe is what the human race will eventually live in. 

Looking forward to doing life with you–share what you think of the music!

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