5 Areas of Focus for the New Year

With each new year, there is an air of anticipation. These last several years has been for me a time of great contemplation, as I am an analytical person. I want to share a bit about myself and as we do life together, here are some areas of focus that have been on my consideration list for this past month.

How do you plan your New Year? What hopes and decisions have you committed yourself to? With each new year, there is an air of anticipation. These last several years for me has been a time of great contemplation, as I tend to be an analytical person. I declare that this year will be the Year of Imagination. Here are some areas of focus that have been on my consideration list for this past month.

  1. a booCreate and write your Vision. The vision and deep seated dreams in your heart is from God. Let go and believe that. There is the God of Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob who loves you and wants to work with you to fulfill that plan. Some of us have written our goals down for this year, yet being wiser now, understand that your vision and goals can be constantly refined and developed. In supporting you on your journey, sitting down with a pen and your favorite vision book can be challenging because it may feel like this is THE moment. Nope. Jotting things and refining seems to be a better plan. As the hopes and dreams become more solidified write more down. And pray for wisdom and insight over it. Pray in the Spirit over it. Thank God over it. Then take action for momentum.
  2. Reaffirm foundational teachings. The holidays can be draining and a bit tiresome. With all the hoopla of it all finally over, lol, we can get back to quiet and peace and renewal. Breathe in deep. Cam. Through much prayer, I have understood that reaffirming my identity in Christ and foundational teaching is essential, especially after major events. The fundamentals of faith teachings are important.
  3. Prayer and fasting. Do you know how to pray? What are the different types of prayer? Like you, I am praying a lot more over my family–my husband and marriage, and my son. We talk about prayer it has been important in our journey to even understand how to pray. Currently, I am reading a book by Kenneth Hagin called the Art of Prayer. 
  4. Then there is faster, which is a whole broad subject unto itself. On fasting there is the Daniel Fast and other forms of fasting or consecrating yourself. The main idea is that we are connecting and can hear clearly from God. There have been seasons where I have fasted from media (tv and social media) and other times where I fasted from foods during certain times. Again, those times was when I really needed to Hear.
  5. Declutter. Many people talk about decluttering around this time of the year. There is THE book on tidying that everyone has seemed to have read. I have not, I listened to the audible! Some of my favorite people I follow like Farmhouse on Boone share inspiring ways to declutter the home. Currently, I am looking around my place and am surprised to see how much more organized I have become. Praise God. We all can be more organized as it creates a space for order in the mind. What has REALLY been a game changer for me is that by decluttering and removing old items from a very small area, there is a massive sense of accomplishment. Even if the rest of the house is just OK. My own sense of being tidy is NOT like some of the super tidy out there. Yet no judgment on either side. Find your own place and start in. Your talents and gifts may not be in that regard.
Honorable mention–Get support. In listening to Dr. Cindy Trimm talk about the New Year, one thing really stood out for me when she asked the question: Do you know all the various books you are going to read? the times of consecration you will have for the new year? Who you need to mentor you support you to get you there? Asking myself those questions that echoed in my mind has been a powerful motivator to seek and pray for the appropriate support needed to get things accomplished. As I like to keep the list at five, the importance of the right help is profound. Disregard removing so-called toxic people from your life. When you get busy seeking out the good ecosystem for you, the right people will take over your time and the so-called toxic people will become not-so-toxic after all. Why? Because they no longer are the drama. 


Happy New Year!




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