Hot Chocolate and a Great Book– The Power of Positive Thinking

For me one of the most simple, yet profound books that has touched my heart has been The Power of Positive Thinking by Norman Vincent Peale. I first ‘found’ and read the classic book when I was at a low point, separated from my husband (we have since remarried) and unemployed. My weight had crept up and I was living with my Aunt and Uncle trying to find a job, any job.

Sitting here, reliving a bit of that pain and uncertainty…well. God is Good. I believe He found me where I was that day.

At the time, the library and brick and mortar bookstores were my solace. (I miss having a Barnes and Noble every five miles.) There, I would sit for hours sending out my resume and reading anything I could to encourage myself. It was a horrible winter that year in Virginia 2003 and feeling incredibly alone and like a big loser, I stumbled upon this book, which I read completely in a night. I continued to read and re-read the book! It has been a treasure to my life.

The principles are simple –have an simple trust in our Lord and believe He can and will help you. So simple, yet no other book has quite touched me the way Mr. Peale’s book has.

Today, we get a lot of flack from pop culture and the media about mere ‘positive thinking’. Yet in this case, the positive thinking is wholly placing your faith in the goodness our Christ covenant. Simply as a child believe that things will go well with you and the Lord is your advocate.  To admit that to you and say I have struggled with this concept as I question everything, I would sit for hours considering Mr. Peale’s ‘theories.’ Yet, I had no option, I was in a dark place and had to get out. The pain I felt during that time was almost unbearable, not to mention embarrassing. Yet God.

The blessings from this book and trusting in our Lord has continued to bear fruit. We are blessed going in and blessed going out.

What do you believe?

Do you believe that God is for you? If you have read this book, share how it has changed your life.

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