7 Ways to Use a Journal

Hope all is well with you! I thought I would write up an uplifting post. Is your mind cluttered with thoughts that sometimes gets all jumbled up? How about ideas that swirl in your head or memories that you can’t seem to let go? What about your hopes and dreams that you just can’t seem to take action on? Well, journaling is for you.

You hear about celebrities who journal, like Matthew McConaughey—journaling is a therapeutic approach to life. No I have not read his book, but the idea of mentioning that I could read it is fun, lol. Journaling is a way to connect with God and hear His goodness that He has just for you!  In addition, journals make great gifts and I purchase one or two a year. Get a beautiful journal not a dull ugly one. One that inspires you to curl up with a warm cup of joe or hot chocolate and write. Mine right now is well worn from all the awesome insights I have had this year! 

  1. Journal wisdom. I believe that ideas that are good come from one place, our Creator. If it is indeed good, lovely, true and of good report, write these ideas down and keep them so that you do not forget. Write down insights, great words of wisdom, Bible verses, wise counsel or advice and anything that is good for your personal cause. This bit of information is not to be taken lightly as there has been many occasions where a good idea was lost only to be found and kept when I wrote it down.
  2. Journal jumbled thoughts. Sometimes the thoughts are more concepts, yet when written down the thoughts are no longer chaotic, but placed in order. Journal brings order to the mind and allows the mind to be freed up from in hiccups or barriers that can slow us down. Dr. Catherine Leaf talks about confronting negative thoughts to let them go and ultimately change move toward positive outcomes. 
  3. Journal your thanksgivings. What are your praise reports and wins? Speaking of I am stopping now to include a couple of wins I had today in my own journal. Writing an article is definitely a win. JOrganizing my cabinets and my work is a definite win. Investing time with my son and hubby is a definite win! God is so Good and to write those understandings down has been so helpful on occasion when I did not feel so thankful. Charles Stanley talks about using your thanksgiving journal to review during those challenging times and to remember how much God loves you.
  4. Journal scriptures and decrees. This one I just recently started doing based on truly taking seriously the forward momentum my God has for my life and my family. The importance of meditating on the good promises God has for us cannot be stated enough. Some of my favorite scriptures: Joshua 1: 8, Psalms 23, Psalms 91, Psalm 103, Proverb 10:22, Isaiah 54:13, 2 Timothiy 1:7,  Psalm 127:3-5, Deut. 8:18, Psalm 112…
  5. Journal forgiveness. This one a couple of years ago was a big one for me. I find that every so often, unforgiveness tries to pop up. One strategy for removing strife is to bless the person that you are striving against. Pray for them. Add them to your journal list of prayers and wish the best for them. Write down any and all good things about that person. Be careful of people that gossip and try to get you to join in on badmouthing. Journaling my concerns about that person instead of talking to another person has been extremely helpful in releasing any ill will.
  6. Journal a pulse check. Lately one of things I like to do is gauge where I am with various goals. From motivation to focus to time invested with my husband and son it helps to see how the week has worked out for the week.
  7. Journal goals. Before you take a step and just act, write your goal or desire down and then inquire of the Lord. This asking of wisdom has been a game changer for me. Ask God for wisdom and see what He can do!

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