7 Steps to Make it Through The Holidays

The holidays for some is the greatest time of the year. From the shopping, gifts, festivities, office parties, hoopla, extra smiles, decorations, and the like. It is time when we celebrate the birth of Jesus. There is a spirit of brotherly kindness that also displays itself during this time, that makes this time of year special. You can feel the electricity in the air. During a very dark time in history, the Christmas season even paused war. In 1914 during World War I, Pope Benedict XV suggested a temporary hiatus, a Christmas Truce, for the celebration of Christmas. The warring countries refused to create any official cease-fire, but on Christmas the soldiers in the trenches declared their own unofficial truce” (History.com, 17 November 2020). 

Yet it is understood that not everyone feels so great during the holiday season and I am one of those who get it. It is okay to be feel like this and perfectly acceptable to prefer peace, calm, and less excitement over ‘loud noises’. 

So how do we get past this? How do we naturally ‘quiet types’ prepare for all the extra?

Bring His peace with you!

In addition to good exercise, fresh air, hot chocolate with nutmeg and cream, Hallmark movies, warm hugs, autumn soup, and friend time, add some of these steps to your arsenal. Love is a battlefield, yet the battle is not ours.

  1. Start early and invite the peace. Before Halloween is over, we start seeing Christmas decorations. Start before that, lol. This is huge. Get your home and your mind ready for family and as everyone is going about their way shopping, start praying peace in your home. Invite the Lord’s peace into your home and that His will is done. You may want to have gentle music and scriptures running in the background.  Consider having uplifting and inspiring pictures in your home to look at and feed your soul as write His word on your doorposts and on your gates. 
  2. Pray over your family as you plan. Have that troubling family member that gets under your skin? Are you that family member that gets under others skin? Start praying now, lol. Wishing them blessing and well being and their good. Sincerely love on them and think on the lovely, true and good report about them. Have gossipy family members? Are you a gossipy family member? Refuse to tolerate it about them or anyone else. Pray to God that His will is done (as His will is always Good) in their lives. Your blessing and prayers over them may be the hope and blessing they need to get past barriers that are hurting in their lives. No judgment, we all have hurts. God is Good and wants us all whole.
  3. Have a plan and ask for Wisdom. We are on attack from the doldrums. Ask for Wisdom from on High as you start preparing for all the gift giving and family time.  Consider the events you do enjoy—Christmas light display? Holiday walks? Santa at the Mall? Get in in. Remember to throw in hot chocolate stops in. No one can be grumpy and sad with hot chocolate.  
  4. Bring in reinforcements to feed your soul. Seek out that super happy friend and cultivate that friendship. As him or her what they do to enjoy this season. Again, be at peace that you are not like them. Yet, perhaps you can be inspired in your own way, which is very good. Remember you are good and God loves you!
  5. Be thankful for the time. There are times when maybe you feel forced to be thankful or maybe it is mechanical. I sincerely believe our God is more faithful and just then this. Consider the tiniest thing that you enjoy and be thankful. Enjoy deep roasted coffee? Be thankful. Enjoy the quiet of the morning? Be thankful. Remember the art and talent of Prince? Michael Jackson? Whitney Houston? Be thankful.
  6. Self care with journaling and laughter. Journaling is a beautiful way to get the dirt out. Write your hopes, woes, and be inspired. Get a beautiful journal to put down beautiful thoughts. Check out my 7 Ways to Journal. Then Laugh. If you have not seen Everybody Loves Raymond you have to watch it. No one’s family is bad as that!
  7. Praise. Follows the Thanksgiving. After I start thanking God for all the things I am fortunate to have, you may find you will get like me and just start balling. God is good.  I Yet maybe you are like me—what does that look like? What does praising God for His goodness look like? There are those folks that just seem to have it all together, yet perhaps not so much.  Praise is that part of thanksgiving where you may get a glimpse of how powerful He is and how much He wants to be involved in every part of our lives. Oh the overwhelming, neverending reckless love of God. Consider this song.  Please don’t be offended, just consider.

Listen, again if you found this post, then you must be going through. Again, I get it. I pray for you as you go victorious through this season. Remember you have a God who is with YOU. He loves you and is on your side. Confess your troubles and cast your cares onto him. He cares for you.

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