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There is something special and surreal about being a mother. There is a whimsy there that I did not imagine could exist. Fathers and Mothers have a strong connection to another being in this world that they will raise, nurtured and love to then watch and see it grow and nurture others and then have their own children. Pray for me as I pray for you. I am writing this article for encouragement and support to you, the fearless Mom who could use a bit of inspiration ‘in a world where everyone around you seems to have it together’. It is easy to put up a beautiful website with lots of pictures and represent yourself any way you want to, but what about those days when you don’t feel ‘on’. Everyone is challenged with those days. I am rooting for you Mom.

If you are a Mom going through tough times or find it mentally exhausting, pray for strength from above—because there is a good God who loves you.

Here are some sound tips to get you through new mothers as being one has been challenging and rewarding.

  1. Start your day with God. What does that look like…for some it is prayer. For me, it is realizing in moments throughout my day that there is help, real help. For my perspective as a Christian now at this time, it really HAS to be a results-oriented understanding of this. From a very real God that loves me and is there for me by way of the Holy Spirit living on the inside of me. Here is a website that I have kept bookmarked for great scriptural affirmations that have supported me.
  2. Avoid books, tv, or anything that puts down being a mother (at least for a time) and instead seek out Happy Mom blogs and stories that will inspire and uplift you. Mothers and more notably Fathers are not always represented well on the media. Between having Mothers being considered life-beaten overweight unhappy nags.
  3. You are full of honor and are given gifts –realize you are up to the task.  
  4. Realize that it is truly about the long game. We all fail and some of us fail more than others, but as one Pastor said during a service I attended, where is it that you want to end up? Is what you are doing guiding you in that direction?
  5. Focus on your nutrition. In my case, I have not been down or had post partem, but I have felt just blah and strong food cravings. Subsequently there has been weight challenges, but God. In my research, in understanding the body, My Mom describes it as the time frame needed to recover. Recognize that if you are breastfeeding that your body really does need more nutrition not just extra food. I have become a strong advocate for good quality foods and supplements. In addition, find out if you were breastfed and what is your own foundation and constitution. Is your vitamin D low? How about are you getting colds a lot? My Mom shared with me the benefits of extra C along with a regular multivitamin. Vitamin D for me after being tested as low, has improved my outlook. I actually  feel a sense of well being, which I had not realized was the culprit to generally feeling ‘eh’ for many years. 
  6. Know that you have Grace on your side. This cannot be emphasized enough–I have to remind myself of this fact often as I am understanding how all of this plays into and impacts my life. Jesus died for you.
  7. Hugs and Love. It is important to hug and love your children as ‘you’ literally rub off on your children. If you are really a bit blue, the hugs release Oxcytocin.